Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Participants

A briefing on the Principality itself and the nations it interacts with:

Schultze-Böhnstadt is in the east and north-east of the continent. Her towns and villages have huge distances between each other, but they are highly populated. The capital is Böhnstadt, and the country is ruled by the Arch-Princeps. The flag and coat of arms both feature a green line on red field, with a mountain goat jumping over a rock with its first legs. 

The Union on the Flosse (Union an dem Flosse) is based on the river Flosse, its capital, Rückelburg is at the  estuary in the Northern Sea's shore. Standard and crest features a silver racing hound in the centre, with four times cut black and silver fields. The Union is led by the four electors. Most of its inhabitants speak a German tongue, as do the people of Schultze-Böhnstadt.

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The Kingdom of Gluteborg-Varangia is the northernmost of the six countries. Only a narrow piece of land connects it to the main continent. Her ruler is the Varangian King. Crest and standard features a blue field crosswise cut with a golden stripe; the capital is Glutemarknog.

Freiburg de Leuwenthaal, in the northern coast of the continent at Kap Leuwen. Despite its small territory, the City Council of Leuwenthaal maintains a strong army and is ready to defend their homeland or take part in any of the local wars. Their standard and coat of arms shows a golden lion catching a fish in an all-green field.

Allianza di Quattri Formaggi in the south, its capital is Parmigiano, ruled by the High Chancellor. Both the standard and coat of arms present a roll of cheese in a golden field, and the standard has four silver circles in its four corners.

Glambria is the westernmost state of the six, its capital is Burquerie-au-Sogne. Ruled by the Grand Duke and his council, flag and crest both feature purple fleur de lis on a silver field.

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