Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Schultzdorf Brigade hits the road

After receiving 50000 thalers from the Chancellery for finances (the payment being 1 thaler per week for a foot soldier and 1.5 thalers for a cavalryman, 100 thalers for a cavalry and 75 for an infantry commander per month; volunteers, freelancers receiving half pay), the 1st Schultzdorf Brigade started its march to Störkburg. General von Hohenspitz decided to make a continuous march for three days and spent the fourth bivouacked near the village of Lochkirchen. 

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The Brigade took the northern road then to Dreikirchen but had been slowed down on the second day by a caravan of gypsies travelling ahead, the General therefore decided not to slow their pace and they marched for another three days straight, stopping only when entering the mountain ranges around Wraugspitze. The woodland and the hills together got the men tired and by the first week of their launch the brigade still hadn't crossed the mountains to Störkburg Valley. The General was utterly worried about the situation on the borders so he did not stay at Wraugspitze either; but he took the chance when the exhausted columns stopped to send payments to the soldiers. The regimental clerks came up with the following:

Original 50000 th.
  • Schlachtgruppe 1: 280; 
  • Infantry 1080;
  • Cavalry 270;
  • Non-listed 675
Paid sum. 2305

Remaining 47695

All to do now is to pay the soldiers. It's someone's job too.

It took three more days until the Schultzdorf Brigade made through the mountains and reached the plain east of Störkburg. Von Hohenspitz wanted to see his troops rested when they were to reach the smaller Störkburg area (the city of Störkbad and the fortress Störkburg-Weste) so the brigade stopped near Sallinthal village the next day. The Freelancer Companies left the main army there and headed for Schrimpsdorf and Rotsdorf north onwards while on the twelfth day of march the Brigade arrived to its destination.

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