Sunday, October 14, 2012

Attack on the outpost

Captain Fritz von Braun, while smoking his clay pipe, prepared a patrol at a guard post near the Flossian border of Schultze-Böhnstadt. They were just a few miles west of Rotsdorf but the Captain did not like this place at all. He had a platoon of lazy foot soldiers, four hussars who were more lazy if that could even be possible, and another platoon of the local Border Guards who were just unmentionably lazy.

Doesn't matter, the patrol began. At least they are accepting orders, von Braun told himself. But as they wandered off to the woods westwards of the outpost...

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A lone rider arrived from the north. 'That's a Flossian cavalryman', said one of the Jäger from his platoon and shot his rifle at the poor sod. The horse fell and the rider took another few shots from the other four Jäger before hitting the ground. The wood has become full of the sound of hooves tapping leaves and ground.

'That's a whole regiment, Sir', said one of the footmen, 'we better hurry back behind those walls.' 'My thoughts exactly', replied von Braun and they started running. When they reached the gate of the guard post, he realized he just dropped his pipe. 'For God sakes would the last one coming in close the gate!', exclaimed von Braun and added a long swear for his beloved pipe.

The irregular light cavalry attempted to storm the gate and by pure force they managed to crush it. 

However, in the volley fire of the insiders and not waiting for the carabiniers and dragoons they were soon decimated and returned to their comrades.

'Is that all?', von Braun asked. Everything fell silent after the light cavalry's retreat. They did not dare to move any closer to the remains of the gate as the enemy carabiniers were too close. 'Wonder what are they up to', told the Captain to one of his remaining men. They carried the wounded inside the guardhouse. The rest of the morning was spent in attention

At noon another small group of cavaliers arrived. 'Are those bloody line dragoons?', the Captain observed through his telescope. The dragoons rode close to the outpost then dismounted.

'Prepare your guns and give volleys as fast as you can', the Captain ordered and loaded one of his pistols. The Dragoons were mounting an attack on the palings and were trying to destroy the outpost's defense line.

They were repelled by heavy musket fire and could not break through. 'I feel sorry for them', a Jäger mentioned. 'Well do not, their buddies are just over there and... They are here!'

The Flossians now attacked with full force. Although only a few cavalrymen could make it through the destroyed gate at once, finally the soldiers inside were outnumbered and slain.

After capturing the outpost, the horsemen threw torches at the buildings and left in a hurry.

Were they well-armed bandits? The appearance of line cavalry does not suggest so. There are no witnesses remaining, so the Böhnstadt authorities could not name it an act of war. Still, news will reach the court of the Princeps and they will take action.

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